Credo mockup

Here are some images from my mockup

After completing the mock up. Ive have decided to simplify the jacket. Something a bit more like this.


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Credo Layout

Here is a proposed story board/ layout for the accompanying booklet

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The ‘Credo’ task involves authoring and publishing a document that communicates a targeted statement that best describes your best practice in relation to new technologies.

I have chosen ‘Fuse’ as a keyword to work with in this project.

I believe the task of a multimedia designer is to join or “ fuse ” together a variety of design methods and mediums to entertain and enhance the end users experience.

The word ‘fuse’ also works on several different levels. I plan to make the different meanings and connotations on this word become basis of my publication

a safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level.
1 [ trans. ] join or blend to form a single entity : intermarriage had fused the families into a large unit.

blow a fuse use too much power in an electrical circuit, causing a fuse to melt. • informal lose one’s temper : it was only a suggestion—there’s no need to blow a fuse.

fuse 2 (also fuze)
a length of material along which a small flame moves to explode a bomb or firework, meanwhile allowing time for those who light it to move to a safe distance.

light the (or a) fuse set something tense or exciting in motion : the event lit the fuse for the revolution.

a short fuse a tendency to lose one’s temper quickly : watch your tongue—he’s got a very short fuse. • ( on a short fuse) likely to lose one’s temper or explode.

1 a band that fuses rap with rock combine, amalgamate, put together, join, unite, marry, blend, merge, meld, mingle, integrate, intermix, intermingle, synthesize; coalesce, compound, alloy; technical admix; literary commingle. antonym separate.

This will be a promotional tool, intended for industry. It will showcase five of my favorite outcomes in further detail than what is represented on my website.

I want to display 5 different projects to display a variety of design methods working together to create an outcome. These will include a website, short movie, 3D and an interactive kiosk application.

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Together with Danielle O’Shea and Pandelis Plousi our major group
project was Crave.

The marketing and advertising industry is a multi-billion-dollar
industry that has the power to change the world, but is it changing
the world for the better? Australia recently ranked number two in
the world for overweight concerns among children, which proves
that the messages that food advertisers are communicating, in
many instances, are misleading, or are not necessarily in the publics
best interest and are being misinterpreted. Studies conducted by
the American Psychological Association in 2004, concluded that
most children younger than 8 years old do not have the critical
thinking skills to understand the persuasive intent of TV. A large
percentage of food advertisements are promoting products that can
best be described as fatty, salty, sugary and fast (Australian Council
on Children and the Media, April 2008). The problem is that much
more money is spent on advertising ‘unhealthy’ food than what is
spent on fixing the health problems that this food is causing.

Crave endeavours to:
+ Make people aware of the affect
advertising has on us as individual consumers.
+ Decrease the negative impacts that consumerism
has on society – particularly health aspects.
+ Educate society of how advertising strategies are
created to manipulate ones ethos.
+ Help consumers discover the knowledge to decipher
between advertising and information.
+ Help parents to find ways around advertising and the power
it has in particularly when it come to food and their children.

Click here to visit the crave blog

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1.C Sustainable media networks

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Lecture 8 – Shit Design

To conclude the lecture series, Keith gave his ‘Shit Design’ Lecture. The Lecture looked at two extremes in the design world, ‘Vouge living” and “That’s Life” Magazine.

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Lecture 7 Visualisations

Following on from the movie watched in an earlier lecture on the way Cuba was force to deal with ‘peak oil’ crisis, this week was a panel discussion on ‘Community’.

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